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What we do

Radio Woodville is your locally owned and operated community radio station.

Community supported

The station is a community radio station giving access to all community groups to advertise their events and activities. Radio Woodville has an Outside Broadcast caravan and so can bring the radio station to you. We are a stepping stone for those wanting radio training and expertise to get paid employment in the Radio Industry.

Fund raising

Radio Woodville being an incorporated non-profit Volunteer organisation still has to pay all the bills associated with running a Radio Station. To raise money to pay these bills, it runs a Weekly Bonus Ball raffle. This extends to a number of sheets each week and a $2 investment gives the pundits a chance of winning the prize of $40 per sheet.

Supporting local business etc

The Radio station is here to support the community. Part of that community is its businesses. The station offers radio advertising to these businesses. It certainly is the best value for money that any advertising outlet can offer. Two dollars gives you a 30 second recorded track. There are discounts offered for an annual contract.


Once you have committed to being a member of Radio Woodville the station undertakes to give you training in the field that you are interested in. The areas of expertise covers the following Categories: Announcing, Program preparation, Commercial writing, News reporting, Broadcasting Technical knowledge, Salesmanship, and behind the scenes support.


Membership is open to all people once they have passed the vetting process. There is no age limit except those who are pre adult have to be supervised by an adult member. This is to protect that person and the station.


Tell us what you want to hear, share your stories and local community events. Share your music likes and dislikes and we'll do our best to bring your voice to Radio Woodville.

About Radio Woodville

Radio Woodville is the Community Radio Station transmitting from Woodville in the centre of the Tararua. The station transmits on 99.6 MHz in Woodville, 88.3 in Pahiatua and is also streaming on the internet world wide. The program is full time, all day every day of the week. The station was established and went to air on the 1st of June 1997 Woodville Radio is 17 years old in 2015 and has been broadcasting our special mix of programmes for the whole of that time. Our program which is middle of the road easy listening, feel good, music, has been broadcast every day of the year, 24 hours of each of those days for 17 years. The station and its studios are a special place for the 33 plus volunteers to come to. The station boasts two studios that are warm and welcoming and are a special place for the volunteers to present their programmes and bring their guests and visitors to. The Woodville Radio Society Incorporated are glad that it is a happy place that the volunteers all enjoy coming to. The station has a Caravan for Outside Broadcasts and for use as an emergency studio and radio station in times of Civil Defence emergency. Radio Woodville is one of three Community Radio Stations in the Tararua District who present programmes to the listeners who live in the area. It is a town at the junction. It’s where state highway two and three join and the trains meet and the planes fly over as well. The travelling public pass through it and are very surprised to find out the town also has its own Radio Station. The citizens of the district are very proud of this and thank you the visitors for calling in and enjoying the town’s hospitality. Radio Woodville volunteers and the station management are happy for you to come in and have a look. Radio Woodville's mission is to Entertain Educate and Inform the listening audience and the travelling Public. Maybe the station could be your stepping stone into the Radio Industry. Radio Woodville, like a number of small Radio stations around the country, provides free training to anyone who would like to pursue a job in radio. Call into the station and ask the Volunteer on duty for a look around and ask for an application pack. If you can't stop email the station manager and we will mail one to you. The Station has an ever increasing number of volunteers who all contribute to doing the tasks that we need to complete to keep the station going. They are keen to pass on these skills. Some of our volunteers are now fully employed and paid on other stations. You could be one too.

Contact us

Radio Woodville, 59c McLean Street, Woodville, 4920

Phone / Fax 3764996 Mobile 027 7525077